Learning through Virtual Reality (VR): Creating your own VR World!
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While Virtual Reality (VR) has been better known for gaming purposes, this emerging technology works really well for education too!

Learning through VR is a specialised 3-hour workshop where attendees will be introduced to the VR experience, then hands-on with our specialised software to start learning how to create their very first VR world. Best of all – they will get to view their very own created VR worlds at the end of the session!

Probably the very first VR for education workshop (for kids) to be conducted here in Singapore – don’t miss this very unique opportunity!

Open to Parent & Child between 8 to 12 years old.

FREE with every sign-up: Google Cardboard for every Parent-Child!

Requirements - to bring:
1. Laptops
3. Mobile (Smart) phone - 2014 and newer